Since long time ago, the Barros Company is known for the quality of the raw material, and the wisdom to create beautiful shoes, practical, elegant, that honors the past of the Portuguese woman and the future of the contemporary woman. Clay´s emerge from the need of the subsequent generation, with the collaboration and knowledge of the founders, to create a new brand, relying on actuality, design, trend, versatility, with personality that represents one of the best made in Portugal. The brand directs to a large group of multiples ages, which looks for singularity and quality of the products that is part of the life of any young woman or woman that enjoy exclusivity which involves each step along the way. For inspiring Women in every moment of your life, whether is on a way to the beach, on a night out, to dance until dawn, for a special dinner or for that one awaited concert! The collection presents a fun style, colorful, young, and comfortable, with rhythm and well-being! The cock as a symbol arises as an identification of the origin of the company, the city where it´s located, with constant presence externally and as a representation of Portugal.